Vijay singal: A great Indian author

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The Indian authors have created a special place for them in the world's best author list. It is very difficult to express their supreme contribution to the society with the help of words. Vijay singal is one of the leading authors in this Indian author's list. He has presented some golden books to the market, which mainly reflects the relationship between the human and God.

leading Indian author. He has been well known as a famous writer and a person with great honesty and integrity. Although he is an engineer in profession, he put his feet into the field of writing and contributed some well known Punjabi books for the Indians. He has traveled to the every corner of the world and has been awarded by some prestigious awards for his supreme writings. He has tried to describe the psychological and spiritual image of the human behavior through his writing. He was born in Maler kotla of Punjab in 1951. He has traveled abroad and has been placed on various positions by Indian government. He has been associated with various management and training programs held at South Korea and the one conducted by national defense college of New Delhi. He is a great believer of God and tried to describe the relationship between the creator and man through his pen.

He has written some precious books relating to the spiritual and psychological behavior of the human beings. The best book on Ganga is the glazing example of his supreme contribution. He has tried to present a living picture of goddess Ganga, He has described Ganga as the calm observer of all the historical events since the ancient period of times. You can find a lot of pictorial information inside the book. If you are a strong believer of God, it will be a good option for you to purchase some books of the supreme author. You can buy such types of books from an online store or directly from his home web site.

Vijay singal has occupied a special seat in the heart of all people throughout the world. You can find some reflections of mind management and soul awareness in his book. His most popular books are Sparkling Punjab, Ganga, behind psychology, Psyche of the common mans, Eternal echoes, Divine whispers, Monovigyan- Jivan ka rahasya and others.


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Vijay Singal is a renowned Indian author. His latest release is an upcoming Book on Punjab. He is well known for his book dedicated to Ganga!

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Vijay singal: A great Indian author

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This article was published on 2010/11/29