Three Words Never to Say in an Interview

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You are on a radio or TV show being interviewed about your new book. Congratulations! Your publisher tells you "PUSH THE BOOK- PUSH THE BOOK- YOU ARE THERE TO SELL-" Well - Yes and No. Often authors are trying to sell their book so hard that they turn off the host and the audience. There is a quid pro quo here. The host will introduce you as the author of your book in the beginning. Then maybe in the middle of the interview- and hopefully once at the end.

That is great!. You want him to promote your book - not you. But if you keep talking about it- you will come off as a pushy- pain in the butt author- and we don't want that. Your job is to teach the audience- make them fall in love with you. Not to just sell your book. So what are the 3 words that you NEVER say in an interview 'IN MY BOOK". You can refer to it by using the title... IE: When I was researching Where's Your Wow- I interviewed 100 CEOs and they taught me that...

A couple of more tips for the interview:

Over-prepare for your interview. Keep in mind that your job is to share your information and deliver an entertaining and informative interview. To begin, it's important, even if you only have a minute, to successfully interact with the host. When you greet him or her, be sure to pronounce your name. Say, "Hello, I am Robyn Spizman, which rhymes with wise-man. I'm the co-author of the Author 101 series." This will increase the odds that your name is pronounced correctly and that the host knows that you wrote your book.

Immediately thank the host for having you on, and, if you watch the show regularly, say so. "Jill. You're a credit to television. I have been your fan since you started on the morning news." Create a connection.

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Three Words Never to Say in an Interview

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This article was published on 2010/03/31