Britain's Top Selling Non-Fiction Author and Hypnotist "Can Make You Thin"

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why no matter how sensible the diet, no matter how successful it is or no matter how you try to tell yourself that overweight people who vow they are going to eat different forever it always fails? If you have, you are most likely one of many chronic dieters including myself who have watched their waistlines shrink and expand only to spend just as much money on new clothes as on all the stupid diet programs. No matter where you look today, you'll notice that this logic is still hammered to death. It just is irking seeing these books and ads talking to you like an unruly child with the same stupid advice: that you are basically a hog that should be eating "sensible" (in other words, stuff you don't like instead of stuff you do and everybody else does).

Now look around you. Notice the people that are naturally thin. Perhaps a few of them can eat like hogs and stay slim, but for the most part these people have some very common ways of eating patterns that even they don't realize. Myself, I noticed this when I once worked in the restaurant business. As a server, I noticed the difference between the skinny customers and the fat ones. The skinny customers were the ones that ate their food very slowly. They also left quite a bit on their plate after eating. The fat customers, in contrast, ate more quickly, consumed larger portions and cleaned their plate as if they were going to win a prize for an empty plate.

All of this gave me literal food for thought as I've struggled with my weight for years, and that's when I stumbled upon Paul McKenna's book in the bookstore at the mall. It was amazing how I found it. I was not looking for a diet book, but I have heard of Paul McKenna before simply because I hand found one of his recordings when I was looking for something to listen to to go to sleep. While in the store, I picked up the book out of utter curiosity. I knew before I opened it because of the advice I have heard on his recordings before that it was not going to be like anything else I've read. Indeed, nothing could have been further from the truth, and from the minute I opened it I couldn't put it down. Right away it was taking everything I've ever learned about weight loss and turned it upside down!

It didn't take long reading into the Paul McKenna book that it was like a voice from the past was looking at the stupid way we eat today and saying "that's not how it's done!" What I saw was a book with principals of eating right that seem to have been lost to the very rich and powerful diet lobby. That is what is wrong with all of us with weight issues is that our minds are programed to eat almost without thinking about it and that we eat too much too fast! His book has four simple rules to follow that assure that we may all lose weight and maintain that weight loss for life without suffering and ultimately failing. He combines this with a CD that provides self-hypnosis which reprograms the mind to eat the way our bodies intended for us to eat instead of eating like a ravenous beast.

We seem to miss the point when we go hungry and deprive ourselves of the foods we want and crave. Want a pizza? Ice cream? Sure, go for it. Just don't gobble it down and stop eating it when your body says you're full!!! It doesn't matter if the whole pizza has 55 grams of fat and 2500 calories! That's the direction that Paul McKenna is going! In other words, eat normal instead of dieting, and you will see your metabolism increase and your weight go down!

What he also deals with in the book is the underlying issues of cravings and people who eat for reasons other than hunger: not something typically dealt with in diet books. Paul McKenna has researched this for 20 years, and if not for the diet lobby THIS would be the "latest diet craze"!

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Britain's Top Selling Non-Fiction Author and Hypnotist "Can Make You Thin"

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This article was published on 2010/03/31