Book report - Management challenges for the 21st century

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1) The topic that is selected for reviewing is "Leadership". The basic purpose of choosing this topic is that organizations have managers and CEO's but organizations lack is building up leaders. This book gives a proper understanding about the term leadership and the roles of a leader. Leadership is a trait and it allows people to lead from the front and develop a pathway for others.  In organizational aspect, this term has a broader connotation and people in organizations act as leaders when they motivate one another in achieving a shared target or goal. However, in real terms business consider those people as leaders that contribute towards the betterment of the company. Thus, leadership is one of those charismatic characteristic that creates a path for organizational excellence (Drucker, 2001). In order to progress in the world an organizations must need an individual that is leads them to their objective and after achieving the desired results, a proactive leader searches out new opportunity and then decides to achieve that. That is why the topic of leadership is chosen.

2) Peter Drucker is considered a management guru and his books on management are treated like a bible in business studies. This book highlights the concept of leadership in detail and the theories related to it. Practical examples of leaders are highlighted in this book and an in-depth analysis on every topic that is related to management and the challenges face by the managers of 21st century is discussed in detail. This book defines the roles of a leader and relates it to the practical world. However, case study approach and business oriented examples are adopted by the author. Although, the topic is similar and can easily be accessed through author books but this book is far better than other because of its detailed approach and practical examples of the corporate world.

 3) This book helped a lot in identifying the roles of leaders and their approaches towards the corporate world. The biggest contribution of this book is developing a mindset among people that every individual in an organization can be a leader if he/she takes risk and develop a broader vision in such a way that his/she mission is aligned with the organizational mission. Conflicts through effective leadership skills can be resolved and people can attain their desired goals if they follow their leaders. This book can contribute a lot in transforming the mindset of a normal employee towards becoming an effective leader for his/her organization.


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Book report - Management challenges for the 21st century

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This article was published on 2011/10/01