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Would you rather...write a book and give it to someone else to sell who will take 85% of the profits

Write a book and make 100% of the profits using the same tools to sell your book as a mainstream publisher. Broke authors can make money from traditional publishing royalties but the chances of getting rich are almost the same chances as winning a lottery.
More importantly it is easier to directly target your audience as a self publisher. Main stream publishers throw spaghetti on the wall and hope something sticks. You know who your audience is and reaching them is so much easier.

Self publishing gives you 100% control over every facet of your book's process from design, because you know your audience better than a traditional publisher would, to marketing. You know where your market is, you have the freedom to reach them by any means necessary, and you can appeal to them on a level that is much different than a traditional publisher would.

When you publish traditionally, you generally do not have any say over what the cover looks like nor do you have final say on the title of your book. Once your book is printed, the majority of traditional publishers stop at getting your book into the stores. The rest is up to you. However you are not going to find an email in your in box from a traditionally published author telling you about his new book. When you self publish, you are free to reach your market as you see most fit, and most profitable. You do not have to sit back and wait to see if your publisher does their job selling and promoting your book.

Rich authors know you can become rich from selling your information in different formats beginning with your book. When you self publish you can direct people to your website to purchase more products or services. Self publishing is the best way to begin to build an information marketing empire. From your book, you can create a number of products that will continue to increase your profits and your financial success. For more information on how to build an information marketing empire read, Write Yourself Rich in Information Marketing

Rich authors know that the key to big profits is to take control of the publishing process and self publish. They know that they will not only take home 100% of the profits, rather than sharing them with an agent and the publishing house, they will also get to place their product at the top of an information marketing sales funnel where the real road to riches begins.
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Book Publishing, Why Rich Authors Self Publish

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This article was published on 2007/12/17