Blink - By Malcolm Gladwell - An Audio Book Review

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Audio books are now one of the latest and hottest trends in the market as the Internet provides as access to these great talking books without charge. In today's audio book selection, one name has been dominating the reading public when it comes to leadership, self-help, mastering one's self. That is Malcolm Gladwell. Whoever doesn't know him can either be lucky for not needing his help or must be a pittance.

Malcolm Gladwell has been the author of the best seller The Tipping Point, the book that clearly helps us understand the world around. Now, Malcolm's brilliant mind is again about to set off with his newly released audio book, Blink. Blink is all about understanding the world within, while Tipping Point is the outside looking in. It can give us a different perspective on what critical thinking is, more than criticizing. This audio book would give us an unassuming lesson on making a great and crucial decision in an eye's blink, whether that is merely to take out the garbage or to unseat a womanizing prime minister. It leads us deeper into intuition, gut feeling, maybe even goose bumps, those times when we just feel this is it.

This book also clearly states the reason behind how some people have emerged to become successful through their brilliant decision making skills. If you happen to be a clumsy decision maker and always find yourself having the wrong turn, then this audio book is a must have for you. What's even greater is that these are not just concepts at all. You are given real-life opportunities to apply it, as Maxwell mentioned that he even had the physicians of Cook County Hospital in Chicago tell their story... Concepts can be tangible, so to speak. It's more likely that this book will again lead to a couple of personality shifts and paradigm shifts at that. Of course that is for the better.

Some people might take this as just another feel-good read and that concepts are left to entertain than be practiced. The book's effect is like television. Its subliminal message will get the better of you in the end. That happens if you are keen to listen deeper; you will find out that the book also requires the listener to control his mind in handling some harsh realities that the book may reveal. Just like reading any other books, listening from this audio book needs mature understanding as it demands you to view some unusual situations. This is not Harry Potter but if you read with the intent to learn, this is the right fit.

It is said that you have to be completely so unlike the regular reader for you to be interested in Malcolm Gladwell, the truth is you just have to know what you are looking for in your readings. If it ain't Narnia you're looking but some explanation why you think the new law on same sex marriage doesn't affect you at all, read Malcolm's Blink.

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Blink - By Malcolm Gladwell - An Audio Book Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/30