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Laputa ( http://android.handster.com/laputa_book_reader.html ) is an revolutionary, easy to use ebook ( http://android.handster.com/free_catalog.php?vendor_id=2807#a|/ebooks.htm ) with a stylish, user friendly interface, and cool animation effects that make this the best ebook reader for your mobile. Laputa gives you the best reading experience. The Paper leaf rolling effect makes your reading experience more enjoyable and fashionable. To flip a page simply tap the corner, or scroll from right to left. With Laputa ( http://android.handster.com/free_catalog.php?vendor_id=2807 ) you will feel like you are reading a real paperback book.

Laputa cooperates with other book servers such as Gutenberg and Feebooks, and offers plenty of excellent books for users to browse and download. Laputa helps you save time by recommending featured books for you every day. These books are either currently popular in the market or famous in the world.

The Laputa homescreen, is basically divided into three screens that you can swipe between. The middle screen is designed to look like a bookshelf where the books are displayed. You can search the library by scrolling the page. In the left screen you can view books sorted by categories, such as: All Author, Recent read, and My Favorites. You can also create and add your own category to the list.

On the third screen, you can view the books recommended for you. Underneath the recommendations, it displays five different modlues from where you can download books. They are: Blazer, Public domain books, Original books, ManyBooks and Gutenberg. Blazer contains a constantly updated library of thousands of public domain books for readers to discover and download. The public domain books site offer a much larger selection than the blazer, and here you can also find books in German, Spanish and French. Books from amateur authors can be found in the original books site. Gutenberg and ManyBooks are sites that open in a browser, and here you can find just about any book you want.

Laputa has a useful search feature that lets you find any content in your book. The progress bar shows the approximate percentage you have read. You can adjust the brightness, font size, typefaces, and even switch between day/night modes to make your reading experience more comfortable. The Bookmark option makes it convenient for you to record the position you are reading. The Display awake setting is highly useful, and will help you conserve battery power.

Laputa also lets you import books in epub format. However it cannot read epub books with DRM. Using the Ebook online module you can download books from websites to Laputa. You can also add your own websites to download books by pressing menu in the EBook Online module. You can organize your bookshelf by only adding what you are reading on the shelf, and sorting them in any order you wish. Laputa is an convenient and fashionable ebook reader, that provides you with the best reading experience possible. With Laputa, you will always have your ebook library at your fingertips.


* Screen rotate with G-Sensor
* Progress bar indicates the approximate percentage you have read.
* Automatically record the books you have read, so you can pick them up easily
* Classify the books according to your own interests and also create new categories or folders.
* Change the font size, Day/Night mode to find the best reading experience for you.
* Regularly featured books help you to find the books you are interested in easily.
* RSS content provides you with lots of interesting information.
* It can also display both Latin and Chinese characters.
* It lets you import your own epub books
* My Library helps you browse or sort books by Title, Author, and Recent read.
* Subscription service
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A Revolutionary Ebook Reader!

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This article was published on 2010/10/21