5 Ideas For a Successful Book Launch

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After spending weeks and months slaving away at a book, getting the finished product in your hands is one of the most gratifying events in a writer's life. However, getting published is only a step in the book writing process. There is even more work involved in promoting the book and getting it to sell. Here are a few great ideas for having a successful book launch.

* Host A Launch Event - When your book comes off the presses, having a launch party is a great way to get the word out, as well as celebrate your success. Offer free copies to those who attend and ask them to spread the word that your new book is available.

* Inform The Media - Press releases, interviews, and other media coverage can draw a lot of attention to your newly published book. While national media attention is wonderful, local media outlets often jump on the opportunity to promote local author book launches.

* Use Social Media Platforms - The power of internet social media is amazing when it comes to word-of-mouth promotion. Online parties, fan pages, and bog tours are some great ways to draw national, and even international, attention to the launching of your book.

* Plan Book Signings - People enjoy the chance to interact with the author of a book, whenever possible. Both small and large bookstores are usually very open to hosting an even where an author comes in to sign their latest release.

* Book Speaking Engagements - Topic related speaking engagements are a wonderful way to promote your book, and its message to the general public. In some cases, sales are also allowed at these events, giving you an extra opportunity for promotion.

A carefully planned book launch is a perfect way to get the word out about your latest literary creation. With a well-written book and a strategic marketing plan, any author can make the launch of their book a huge success. Whether you work with or without a publicist, creating a buzz about your book is possible, if you try to explore all of the options available for getting the word out.

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5 Ideas For a Successful Book Launch

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This article was published on 2010/04/02