3 Fun Games and Activity Ideas for Book Club Members

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The success of any book club depends on the regular participation of its members. Many factors go into building and sustaining a good club. Members may begin as friends or at least find that they have enough in common to soon become friendly with one another. They also will typically have similar tastes in reading materials and will enjoy discussing character, plot and other aspects of story.

One method to help boost the success of your club is to engage in fun activities. Group activities can promote a sense of camaraderie and foster a fun and engaging environment that will encourage members of the book club to return week after week. With that in mind, here are some fun activities for you and your fellow book club members to try.

First Letters

One activity that is sure to provoke some smiles among your book club is to have each person name an object, event, place or character name, working in alphabetical order. 

For example, the first person would need to name something that starts with the letter “A,” such as “Algernon” when you are reading “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. The next person would need to come up with a word beginning with “B,” such as “Beekman” of the Beekman College Center that appears in the story.

This activity is great for stimulating your memory and helping you get to grips with the details of the book, and should be fun for the entire group.

Questions from the Hat

A good activity that will help break the ice among new members of your book club is Questions from the Hat. Write down a series of book-related questions on small pieces of paper and put the pieces in a hat.

Examples of questions include: 

Name an author whose work you truly hate.

What books do you keep on your nightstand or in your e-reader for bedtime reading?

Which character in all of literature do you think is most similar to you?

What is the first book you remember reading or that you had read to you as a child?

Which book have you read the most times, or which is your most favorite book?

Pass the hat around and have each member of the book club pull out a question and answer it. It’s a great way to help members get to know one another, and may help guide you as you select future books to read and discuss.

What Happens Next?

This activity requires imagination and for everyone to keep an open mind. After you have finished reading and talking about a great book, meet up to discuss what happens next with all the characters.

Authors of older works of fiction sometimes included an epilogue to explain what the characters were up to after the main story. Now is the chance for your book club members to figure out the future of your favorite characters from whatever you have just finished. This type of game is best with a book that stands on its own, rather than a book that is part of a series.

It’s a great way to exercise your imagination, trying to figure out what your cherished characters did a few years after the main events of the book have concluded. And who knows? You might discover among your ranks a budding author or two, which could lead to future books for you all to share and discuss.

No matter how many fun activities you plan for your book club, it’s important to remember the main reason for getting together: Your shared love of books. Always strive to read books that will be insightful, enriching or that otherwise enhance the lives of each reader to ensure the ongoing success of your club.



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3 Fun Games and Activity Ideas for Book Club Members

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3 Fun Games and Activity Ideas for Book Club Members

This article was published on 2013/08/23
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